Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast

CreatorWoomy and Kyhros produced the formidable, 10-star-difficulty obstacle game Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast. Among them all, the cube's modern, jagged shape stands out as evidence of the game's evolution. Several different color schemes and decorations also add depth to the game.

The creators have breathed new life into Spectrum Blast and taken it to a whole new level of visual spectacle. One of the largest modifications to the game is the circle that now surrounds the arrows. Together with the movements and color pulses, they are all flawlessly timed to the soundtrack to produce an incredible audio-visual experience that will wow you. The way the backgrounds, accents, and block arrangements are put together in this Easy Demon level creates a unique emphasis.


The complicated track of the Spectrum Blast version

Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast opens with a cube segment in a matrix of decorative saw blades. The platforms occasionally appear with some pointed blocks that will be obstacles in this location. The screen turns dark, signaling a transformation of the main entity. At this time, gamers come to the UFO segment with a path full of gravity portals. Walls full of spikes moving closer from both sides will narrow the object's range of movement. The aircraft and cube segments also take place in similar terrain.

The round continues with a fast wave. The saw blade images here only have a decorative function and do not affect the main entity. That UFO segment takes place on short slopes. The player moves forward with the object's ball shape. The matrix now has countless jumping balls and wide platforms moving from both sides. The object's speed is now pushed up and maintained throughout the next segment of the aircraft. Geometry Dash Spectrum Blast ends when the moving object slows down and the version name and two developers appear on the screen.

The world adventure games with Geometry Dash

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