Geometry Meltdown

Geometry Meltdown

Venture deep into the blazing hot platforms with Geometry Dash Meltdown, a highly addictive arcade game featuring a little square character that is capable of jumping from one place to the next! Take control of this character and make your way through a series of levels with lots of heat! Do you have what it takes to overcome everything in front of you without crashing into it?

Geometry Dash Meltdown is one of the spin-offs from the popular Geometry Dash series. The game features three brand new levels and introduces additional animation effects, enhancing the players' experience! In each level, there are three secret coins placed in hard-to-reach places, so players can try to collect them all if they are confident in their skills! With the music as your guide, try your best to get past every obstacle unscathed in order to complete all three levels!


Get past obstacles by making the character jump with the left mouse button.