Geometry Dash Fire Aura

Geometry Dash Fire Aura

Experience the melodies and romantic colors with Geometry Dash Fire Aura's obstacle map. The game is innovated by Sumsar with 7-star difficulty in the Harder level and includes 3 user coins. Gamers win when the main object successfully reaches its destination. There are several ways to control the main entity in this game: clicking the mouse, using the spacebar, or pressing the up arrow key.

The level starts with a simple cube segment that has invisible spikes and jump orbs. After that, players control the object to move to a dual wave, a triple-speed wave segment, an easy ball segment, a brief cube portion, and a double-speed ship sequence. The dual wave is the most difficult component, as it needs forceful motions and quick inputs. Subsequently, the level showcases a swift ship sequence, an intricate UFO segment, a ball section, a difficult mini ship sequence, a cube segment, and a leisurely dual mini wave segment.


User coins

  • 38%: To get the first user coin, the player navigates the object, touching the purple jumping ball, to reach the correct location.
  • 55%: The second coin is in the tunnel, right in front of a gravity gate.
  • 98%: In the last double wave segment, the coin is in the background where the word "AR" appears.

Comments from Dashers

  • Fire Aura's soundtrack blends perfectly with the pace of the entity and the challenging maze. At first, the tempo is slow and then suddenly exciting, making the feeling of playing the game extremely thrilling.
  • There are some minor errors in the fast-wave segment at the end of the track. The entity is safe even when colliding with crystal blocks. This is funny, but thanks to it, the player can win.