Geometry World

Geometry World

Explore an extensive world full of vibrant colors and unexpected danger with Geometry Dash World! This game is one of the latest additions to the Geometry Dash series, featuring five different levels of shorter length! In Geometry Dash World, your role is to control a jumping character as it tries to get past all obstacles in front of it in order to get to the end of every level!

Despite having a shorter level length, Geometry Dash World offers a much more vibrant and detailed animation than its predecessors. Players will certainly enjoy hopping through different obstacle sequences, but expect to make a mistake or two while progressing through levels! Whenever that happens, you will have to start from the beginning, so try your best to have the perfect run in order to complete a level!


Use your left mouse button to interact with the game’s interface. Control the square character by clicking on the screen or pressing the spacebar.