Geometry Dash Buck Force

Geometry Dash Buck Force

Enjoy Geometry Dash Buck Force's matrix of continuously moving blocks and countless dazzling obstacles. Rob Buck is the creator of this user-level version with a difficulty level of 10 stars in the Easy Demon level. This game's matrix has 3 user coins placed in different positions. These coins can be passed through many tries, so don't hesitate to play again to completely conquer the game.

This level has 11,126 objects in the complex matrix. It begins with a cube section with easy jumps, fakes, and timings. The text "1.8" welcomes the player and points out that there are two paths, with the upper path being the safest. A mini-UFO section is followed by a confusing cube section with multiple clusters of jump rings, fakes, and crucial timing. A mixed dual of UFO and ball game modes follows a brief auto section. After a dual UFO segment, a half-speed ship sequence that requires flying skills follows. Following a moderately challenging ball mode, there is a cube section with more awkward timing. A ship sequence consists of straight flying segments. The player must navigate five clusters of mirror portals, which may cause a crash. The final part of the level is a UFO segment with simple-timed jumps and a monster-looking face.


User coins

In the matrix of the Buck Force version, there are 3 user coins located at positions 21%, 47%, and 88%.

  • The first coin is hidden in a block surrounded by spikes. In the train segment, the player skillfully maneuvers the entity through a narrow entrance into the puzzle and collects the coin at the second white square.
  • Immediately after the dual block mode, the ball will enter a short tunnel and convert into an airship. The second coin appears immediately after this segment at the top of the screen.
  • The object moves to a series of directional portals arranged in a vertical row. After a series of rotation actions, the last coin will automatically be collected.