Geometry Dash Sonar

Geometry Dash Sonar is another blockbuster obstacle course created based on the original series that took the world by storm. The game is a collaboration produced by Minesap and JerkRat with 2-star difficulty on the Easy level. Besides, the matrix also contains 3 user coins to help players practice your skills at a higher and more challenging level. Overall, Geometry Dash Sonar's path and pace are very accurately reflected in its difficulty rating. The object starts at a slow pace, and the obstacles are not tricky. Gamers will have an experiment to maneuver the object with many different interfaces and sizes as a demo of harder levels.


The overview of this matrix

The level begins with a long yet easy normal-speed cube section. It consists of simple jumps, timings, and sawblade decorations. It features lots of cloud- and music-note decorations, as well as tall pillar obstacles easily avoidable due to the wide-open spaces. Afterward, there is a second cube section. It consists of simple jumps over pits with thorns and sets of spikes. There are also more cloud- and music-note decorations. It should be extremely easy to clear this section due to the abundance of wide-open spaces.

After this, the player goes through a third cube section where they must continue to jump across platforms and pillars to avoid thorns and spikes, hitting yellow and pink jump orbs. Then the player lands on the floor and must jump over two more sets of spikes before returning to jumping across platforms again. Finally, the player enters a half-speed UFO segment that consists of numerous pillars and walls easily avoidable due to the abundance of wide-open spaces.

Collect 3 user coins

  • The first coin is located at 31% in the first and only ship sequence. To collect it, the player must fly in between two small cubes positioned at the top of the level.
  • The second coin is found at 45% within the moment cube segment. To gather it, the object must not bounce onto the third pillar but drop down and then rapidly hop up to avoid smashing.
  • You will find the third coin at 67% within the wave fragment, then explore a large triangle-like obstacle to recover it.
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