Geometry Dash Ominous

Hyenada created Geometry Dash Ominous with an obstacle matrix design that is ideal for players, especially those new to the genre. Geometry Dash Ominous is the second level in the Shadow Gauntlet, placed after Spooky Light and before GhostTown. The difficulty level gently stops at 3 stars and has the appearance of 3 silver user coins. These coins are often located in easy-to-miss locations, so you can try again and again to collect them all! Don't worry; the rhythm of the round as well as the movement speed of the main object will not change or be too fast. Gamers are free to multiple-play until you have completely conquered this difficult fan-made game.


Challenge on the unique track

Geometry Dash Ominous opens with a cube segment and the creaking sound of music. The player controls the entity, performing a few basic jumps before moving on to the robot segment. The light begins to dim, and the player comes to the airship segment. The terrain now consists of several brick walls. However, the gap is still very wide, so the object can safely move through. The cube segment continues the round. The matrix now consists of large platforms. Next is the UFO segment with continuously flashing light effects. The barriers here are tall columns decorated with cloud motifs.

The round continues with cube segments until a drop segment. Shadow segmentation at a steady speed, along with the appearance of a few gravity gates. A short UFO and ship passage later, the matrix is designed to be easy to pass through with a very wide center aisle. The level ends in robot mode, the object runs straight to the finish line, and the version name and author's name appear in the background.

User coins’ locations

  • 13%: Gamers need to control the cube to get the key in the opening scene for the first coin to appear. This item is located at position 13%, below the block with the word "happen" appearing in the background.
  • 58%: In the UFO segment, the coin is in the middle of a rectangular frame. At position 58%, the player navigates the flying entity in the center of the screen to collect this item.
  • 69%: In the cube segment immediately following, the final coin appears on a wide base with a pointed triangular block at the tip. You need to move the object upwards to avoid obstacles and collect this remaining coin.
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