Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Serponge is the creator of the unique matrix designs, lighting effects, and top-notch sound quality of Geometry Dash Spooky Light. 3-star difficulty and the appearance of 3 user coins will be the challenges of this adventure series on tricky obstacle maps. Spooky Light is the first level in the Shadow Gauntlet, which comes before Geometry Dash Ominous. Players win when the main object successfully reaches the finish line. The level changes to art gameplay after a few spikes and spheres, when you maneuver a small flashlight in the ball form. Players will have to battle the monster known as King Boo Ghost when the entity transforms into a UFO. To eliminate it, aim the flashlight at the soaring ghosts.


Explore the battlefield

Geometry Dash Spooky Light starts with two jumps over the cube barrier and enters the drop immediately after. From the 6% position, the game's lighting effects will become the biggest challenge for players. The entire matrix will become dark. You must take advantage of the bright lights to control the object as much as possible. If you cannot see the terrain ahead, stop. The 30% position will appear to have some ghosts teasing with the main object, but it will not affect the round. Gamers come to the train segment in a 41% position. After moving, the entity obtains a lamp, and the lighting improves; however, the maze is still very dark.

The UFO segment is followed by a direct confrontation with the boss. However, this situation only lasts a short time before you reach a forest. The terrain changed to wooden pillars. Note that these terrains will move, and collecting items here will depend on your luck. After the object leaves the forest, gamers control the cube to perform a few simple jumps and reach the finish line.

Collect user coins

  • After getting the second light in the airplane segment, you control the object to maintain flight in the middle of the screen. The first coin appears after a block with a green barrel inside, in position 52%.
  • The second coin appears in the scene facing King Boo Ghost. After the last little ghost disappears, the coin will appear at the 74% position. The player moves the entity down to collect.
  • When the scene changes to the forest and mountains, notice the last wooden pillar. Gamers navigate the cube to jump on wooden poles and collect the last coin in the 94% position.