Geometry Dash GhostTown

Like its name suggests, Geometry Dash GhostTown takes players through a maze of obstacles and features fun animated monsters. Izhar is the creator of this fan-made game with a difficulty rating of 5 stars. Besides, this user-level version also has 3 silver user coins. Geometry Dash GhostTown is the third level in the Shadow Gauntlet.


Discover the track of this adventure

Geometry Dash GhostTown starts with a cube moving on platforms and blocks with a few jumping balls. The terrain will now have fake barriers that distract the player's control commands. Don't bother with objects that have a faint light because it won't affect the main object. The train segment continues at a steady speed and the terrain does not change much. After a few short transitions into ships and cubes, the player comes to the robot segment. The matrix now appears with saw blades and pointed blocks that have a decorative effect.

The round continues with the UFO segment. The terrain now has countless chainsaws and virtual monsters appearing. This is followed by robot segments, short ships, and a return to robot form. Wide platforms will be safe enough for gamers to direct the movement of entities. Then, a cube segment with countless jumping balls appears. The train segment will bring you familiar obstacles with tall columns with gaps in the middle. The level ends as soon as you control the object past the last tall column of the train segment. The text "Thanks for playing, sorry for the end" appears in the background.

Silver user coins

  • Immediately after reaching the train segment for the first time at position 14%, the first coin appears above a speed bump.
  • The second coin is located at 37%, at the beginning of the UFO segment.
  • You need to collect the key at position 47% (right at the beginning of the second robot segment) for the coin to appear at segment 57%.
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