Geometry Dash Ground Zero

DorSha has produced an obstacle course game with exciting music movements, Geometry Dash Ground Zero. This user-level version has a difficulty of 5 stars and includes 3 silver user coins. The level is the third level in the Poison Gauntlet, following Beast Mode Full and preceding Shrimp. Like other versions in the same series, the game requires a perfect combination of reflexes and professional object control speed. Players can completely conquer this game when the main object reaches the finish line without any unfortunate collisions.

Geometry Dash Ground Zero’s matrix is designed with the main color green, inspired by the environment filled with poison. The main entity's speed will remain steady until the second half of the distance. This is also one of the versions where all the main entity transformations will appear: the cube, the ball, the ship, the robot, and the UFO segment.


User coins and the way to collect them

The user coins in this version are all in erratic locations. If you don't pay close attention and are too focused on the main track, gamers can easily miss it. Please preview the following instructions to master collecting these items!

  • At position 22%, the first coin appears in the cube segment. The player needs to control the object to touch the green jumping ball to fly up and collect the coin. If you miss that orb, you won't even be able to detect a user coin appearing here.
  • The second coin is at position 66%. Gamers pay attention to the terrain below; the item appears right above the fake thorn fence. You need to navigate the entity downward to collect the coins. Besides, you need to quickly move up to avoid the terrain ahead.
  • The last coin is at position 93%. With a cube shape, the object will slide through a series of columns and hit a jumping pad at the end. If you miss this jump pad, you can still use a jump command from the terrain below to collect this coin.

How to control the geometry

Geometry Dash Ground Zero also has three main ways to control entities: the left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar. The features of these command buttons are the same. Gamers choose the most convenient operation for complete adventure experiences.

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