Geometry Dash Shrimp

Geometry Dash Shrimp

Geometry Dash Shrimp is a challenging level in the Poison Gauntlet, created by Schady. It is the fourth level in the Gauntlet and Schady's second level after Infusion. The level is rated 3 user coins and 6 stars, offering fast-paced gameplay with a basic style of scenery. Players must use reflexes to avoid obstacles and enemies, time jumps and moves correctly, and practice in practice mode to save progress and understand obstacles. 

You will control the “shrimp” geometry through challenging obstacles, requiring quick reflexes and timing. The game's engrossing action and easy maneuvers make it enjoyable. The peppy techno music complements the action-packed visuals, making it a strong element. The object in this matrix do not change much. Along with that is the stability of the game's pace and the terrain is not too complicated. You can choose this version as a challenge for more difficult levels.


Find out 3 user coins

  • After passing through terrain whose background has developer Schady's name on it, players will see coins appear in the terrain below. At position 27%, you move the cube down to collect, then quickly jump up to avoid the barrier ahead.
  • The second coin also appears in the same terrain as the robot segment at 37%.
  • The last coin is at position 59%. Don't worry, the object will collide. As soon as the coin is collected, the entity will immediately be moved to safe territory, and you can continue your journey.

Master your control command

To best perform the obstacle-overcoming experience in Geometry Dash Shrimp, players can choose the control key that suits their convenience. If you are familiar with mouse controls, clicks will be a great choice. If you are more familiar with using the keyboard, choose the up arrow or the spacebar to navigate entities effectively.