Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full

Get ready to fully enjoy the trickiest challenges with the Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full obstacle game. God of Music is the creator of this fan-made game, and this is the second level of the Poison Gauntlet. With an average difficulty level of 5 stars in the Hard level, gamers need to maneuver the main object to overcome 12,762 barriers in the dangerous matrix to conquer the racetrack.

Besides, Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full has 3 user coins placed in different positions in the matrix. By navigating the main entity to collect enough of these coins and reach the finish line safely, gamers become a complete expert at beating the game.

All challenging segments

Beast Mode Full version includes three segments:

  • 0-45%: The levels begin with a normal-speed cube, transitioning to mini-sized at 11%, returning to normal at 17%, and finally reaching 21%, where music plays as the level shakes and flashes yellow.
  • 46-88%: A UFO with moving walls, spikes, and descending light beams opens this section. Blue spinning lines, descending light beams, and a sphere with lettering are all present in the backdrop. The sequence continues with short portions of spider, spacecraft, ball, and robot, ending with a cube portal.
  • 89-100%: With a cube, the player explores a beige-colored level while avoiding creatures and listening to music. They travel through the God of Music logo, get a pink flask, and walk into a triple-speed corridor.

Locations of user coins

Each segment in this game will have the appearance of a user coin. Specifically:

  • 31%: The first user coin is placed in the first segment. The player controls the object to avoid collision with the black jumping ball and enters the hole.
  • 66%: Right before the gravity portal turns into a ball segment, the player can see a coin in the top corner.
  • 98%: Coins are automatically collected at the spot with the God of Music logo.


How to navigate the geometry

The game's high difficulty requires gamers to have high concentration and give continuous control commands. You can use the mouse click, spacebar, or up arrow key to create smart jumps.

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