Geometry Dash Fear Zone

Geometry Dash Fear Zone user-level game created by GD Jose with a 5-star difficulty. Fear Zone is the fourth level in the Shadow Gauntlet, placed after GhostTown and before Infusion. Players control the object to avoid colliding with all barriers on the way to safely reach the finish line. Besides, the matrix in this version also has 3 silver user coins to help players conquer challenges more perfectly. These coins are located in locations that require careful observation to be seen. Matrix with two basic black and white colors and familiar shapes such as triangles, gears, gravity gates, and narrow tunnels. The main object will continuously change shape to have a state that best suits the terrain on the track. The modes are the cube, the ball, and the airship, ending with a cube jump to the finish line.


Let the track start

The round starts with a dark background and a cube segment. After the gamer jumps the object over the first obstacle, a vibration is created. The light now becomes better. The opening sequence includes wide platforms and jumping spheres. After making consecutive jumps in a narrow passage, the player reaches the ball passage. The terrain is almost unchanged except for a few decorative objects, such as animated ghosts and some small bushes. The continuation of this layout lasts until the end of the aircraft section.

The round continues with the mini-cube section, with a few short jumps onto the blocks. Next, there will be a break with the auto-cube, and the text will appear: "Have you ever been to the Screamroom?". Immediately after that, a transformation portal named Screamroom appeared. The ship and speed UFO segments then take place within the matrix of tall columnar blocks. Before reaching the end, the object must pass through a short but super-fast wave. Finally, the round ends after a series of touches on the cube's jumping ball.

All user coins’ positions

  • In the second cube segment, at position 21%, there is a coin. You can detect it thanks to a question mark and an arrow pointing to the item. Gamers control the object to touch the blue jumping ball and through a gravity portal to collect this first coin.
  • In the ship segment, the second coin appears at position 37%. Instead of controlling the entity to fly in the lower direction, you move the ship up the upper path to collect coins.
  • In the final cube, you control the entity falling down a steep hole to gain momentum to jump up. The coin appears on the upper pedestal, where the words “Michigun” appear at the 97% position.
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