Geometry Dash Infusion

Geometry Dash Infusion

The exciting game Geometry Dash Infusion is developed by Schady with a 5-star difficulty level. Infusion is the fifth and final level in the Shadow Gauntlet, after Fear Zone. Players need to make sure the main object reaches the finish line safely to win the game. Besides, the matrix also has 3 user coins. Gamers can collect these coins over many rounds of play; the amount of each will gradually accumulate. The main object in Geometry Dash Infusion will continuously change shape depending on the terrain of the road.


Let the matrix challenge your skills

Geometry Dash Infusion starts with a background with the version name, author name, and the text “Good Luck” in the first straight slide of the cube. Immediately after that, the challenging terrain officially opened with wide platforms and pointed triangles. Gamers control the object through a transformation portal and reach the short robot segment. The train segment will continue immediately after a short cube section moves through a series of gravity gates. The shadow and UFO segments then also have similar terrain due to the continuously changing speed of the entity.

The object then takes the form of a ship, a cube, and a UFO until an endless jump of the cube. At this time, the screen went black, and the name Infusion appeared. The round continues immediately after with a train, a ball, and a speeding UFO. The level ends after gamers move the object through a wave and transform it into a cube to reach the finish line.

Positions of 3 user coins

  • Segment the cube at position 37%, you need to drop the object onto the terrain below the question mark to detect the first coin.
  • The second coin is located at 42% in the aircraft segment. Gamers control the flying entity to collect coins placed close to the terrain above.
  • The last coin is located at 83% of the cube. In this section, instead of directing the entity to jump onto the middle platform, you must drop the cube onto the terrain below to collect coins.