Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Danolex's unique music matrix design with flying notes has created an obstacle course game with the extremely attractive Geometry Dash Drippy Dub melody. Geometry Dash Drippy Dub is the third level in the Chaos Gauntlet, coming after Scarlet Surge and before Kappaclysm. The game with the 6-star difficulty of the Harder level will be an ideal opportunity for players who want to enjoy exciting background music. Besides, the track of this user-level game also has 3 user coins. Like most other versions of the Geometry Dash series, Drippy Dub also starts with a gentle movement of the object. Then, players will control the entity through different terrains, such as the music beat drops area, the deadly spike block, and finally the narrow tunnel leading to the destination.


Be adventurous and start the track

The matrix in the Drippy Dub version can be divided into seven main segments.

  • 0-18%: The first section of the level is a fairly simple half-speed cube area with a couple easy jumps. The title of the level and the creator’s name will emerge in the background.
  • 19-28%: The game switches between numerous diversion modes, starting with a ship sequence, taken after by an autoball fragment and a UFO transition. The trouble level continuously increases.
  • 29-40%: The round continues with several segments, including the robot fragment, the ship sequence, and the double-speed ball. This is the half-speed portal, the wave portion, and the normal-speed UFO section after that.
  • 41-52%: A brief dual and a brief double-speed cube segment take place instantly. There's a speedy, typical cube area after that, where the screen fades to dark and the player launches off a slope at triple speed into portals of changing sizes.
  • 53-63%: After a brief auto segment, it moves into a double-speed UFO portion with a handful more undetectable estimate portals. At long last, this region concludes with a normal-speed ship sequence in which the player is rapidly constrained into the center.
  • 64-80%: The phrase "Amazing" shows up at generally 71% of the way through this segment. This is fair before a ship sequence with more blurring obstacles and the state "Danolex is cool" starts. After that, the player moves into an autocube segment to prepare for the final zone.
  • 81-100%: The level's last batch of portions starts with a brief ship sequence containing only two spikes. At that position, a brief UFO fragment includes a little handful of cloud decorations. Following this is a marginally longer ship segment with more wide open spaces.

Locations of user coins

  • The first coin is in the cube segment in the opening. At position 11%, gamers control the object to jump off the platform and touch an invisible blue orb to collect.
  • The second coin is in the cube segment at position 47%. Before moving through the transfer portal, you move the entity through a gravity portal to detect and collect coins.
  • The last UFO segment is the location of the third coin. The terrain at this time is a field with clouds above. The last coin is in the upper cloud layer, at the 84% position.