Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge

Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge

Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge is a fan-made adventure game based on the original game, Geometry Dash. This unique alert matrix was created by Insendium with 6-star difficulty. The thrilling background music and flashing light effects will be a difficult experience for any gamer. You will win completely when the main object reaches the favorable end point. The movement speed of the object in Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge is not too fast, but the constant change of direction will cause certain challenges for you. Concentrate as much as possible to promptly issue reasonable control commands.


The unique gameplay

This level consists of 12,420 objects with a duration of 2’14”. A half-speed ship sequence with flashing blocks and a caution banner opens the level. After that, it goes into a spherical portion with orbs, pads, gravity portals, and flashing platforms, then into a cube part that moves at regular speed and has orbs and pads. The player enters a double-speed UFO portion while the screen is mirrored.

After that, the level changes to a cube portion with easy jumps, and in the center is a little ship that has saws on it. The level proceeds into a ball with flashing blocks before returning to its typical mirror. A mirrored UFO section that shrinks to a mini toward the finish is followed by the ball becoming a dual in the center. After a dual-object sequence, ship sequence, and auto-cube section, the level finishes.

How to Play

To maneuver the main entity of this game, players can use one of the following methods:

  • Click on the screen.
  • Press the UP arrow.
  • Press the Spacebar.