Geometry Dash Kappaclysm

Geometry Dash Kappaclysm

Geometry Dash Kappaclysm is an addictive obstacle course game created by Glittershroom and Evasium. In Harder levels with 6-star difficulty, the game will be the most exciting adventure experience. Players need to direct the object away from collisions with barriers that make up the majority of the appearance - brick walls with glowing red lights.

The game starts with a cube segment, then moves on to a ball segment, a brief wave, a ship portion, a UFO, a double-speed cube section, a nerfed microcube section, a ball and UFO section, and a wave section. The gameplay of Geometry Dash Kappaclysm is based on Geometry Dash Cataclysm. With the text "Evasium" and "Glittershroom" inserted before crossing over the "GG" from the original, the remainder of the level plays nearly just as Geometry Dash Cataclysm.


To maneuver the main object of this game, players can use one of the following methods:

  • Click on the screen.
  • Press the UP arrow.
  • Press the Spacebar.

Some other information

  • The number of objects in this version is 13,083 items.
  • This is the fourth round of the Chaos Gauntlet and is one of the three levels made before update 2.0.
  • The initial rating for this level is 5 stars instead of the current 6 stars.
  • Although the dual mini-ship portion of the level has garnered criticism for being "buggy" and uneven, its creators incorporated symmetry on purpose by allowing interaction with both levels below and above.