Geometry Dash Cataclysm

Dangerous obstacle challenges in Geometry Dash Cataclysm were created by Ggb0y. This fan-made game has a 10-star difficulty level and includes 3 user coins. Collecting these coins is never mandatory, but it will demonstrate your mastery of object navigation.


The origin of this user-level

Ggb0y, a well-known creator, revealed the fourth preview of his Extreme Demon, Cataclysm, in 2014. In spite of the beginning feedback, players like Cyclic and Giron eventually completed the level. The level was afterward upgraded in 2016 with additional passing and user coins, making it harder than its original form. Cataclysm remains one of the most powerful and popular levels in Geometry Dash, inspiring future levels like Bloodbath and aftermath.

The charming gameplay

This level is divided into 13 segments with different terrain and gameplay characteristics. The rhythmic moving light effect is also a highlight in this matrix. When the screen darkens, obstacles also appear more ambiguous, increasing the difficulty of the round. Covering the entire journey is a dark black and red color scheme. With motivating music, this will be the most marvelous obstacle adventure.

However, to be able to completely conquer this difficult matrix, gamers need a high level of concentration. Especially in the wave and speed boat segments. Saw blades and spiked platforms also bring extreme challenges to your control abilities. Don't worry, segments with a steady pace are also present in the second half of the matrix to help you regain your senses. The round ends with a train cut and the screen displaying a list of “The Hall of Fame” with the names of the contributors.

3 user coins

  • 3%: The first coin appeared quite early. However, collecting it is easy, as the player just needs to move the object past a fake spike.
  • 70%: The second coin also has an easy-to-collect location. In the dual-ship segment, you control the object to fly between spiked areas to get coins.
  • 85%: After touching the blue jumping ball and going through the gravity portal, gamers navigate the object to touch the yellow ball to collect this coin.
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