Geometry Dash Crazy Ball

Izhar is the talented creator of the Geometry Dash Crazy Ball game with unique obstacles and exciting music. The game is not too difficult, has a 5-star rating, and includes 3 user coins. Geometry Dash Crazy Ball was inspired by Everybody Bounce made by DzRAS. It is the fourth level of the Bonus Gauntlet, after Battletown and before Payload. Players can take advantage of the game round to get familiar with the different terrains and the movement speeds of the main object. Gamers win by controlling the object safely to the finish line. In Geometry Dash Crazy Ball's matrix, the entity starts with a basic cube and normal velocity. After that, this speed remained stable with only two shapes: robot and airship. The game ends when the robot performs a few basic jumps and rockets to the finish line.


Locations of all user coins

All 3 user coins in this version appear in the first robot segment. Specifically:

  • 17%: You need to move the entity to touch the fourth blue jump ball to jump up and collect the coin next to a yellow gravity gate.
  • 41%: In the narrow tunnel entrance, gamers can see user coins appear on a short slope. You control the entity to jump up to collect and drop down to continue the adventure.
  • 53%: The third coin appears next to the words “WHAT?”. Instead of moving in a straight line, players need to let the object move backwards along the terrain below the floating platforms to collect coins.

Some comment from players

  • Is this level really a 5 star difficulty? I tried 503 times in just a few dozen seconds.
  • I like the creator's naming scheme. The Crazy Ball version but there is no ball segment at all.
  • Enjoying music is also a way to experience this adventure. But I've heard the opening a hundred times. I finally passed it with over 300 attempts.
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