Geometry Dash Battletown

Tongii is the talented developer of the exciting musical adventure game Geometry Dash Battletown. The game is rated at 5-star difficulty and includes 3 user coins. Geometry Dash Battletown is the third level in the Bonus Gauntlet, after Rising and before Crazy Ball. The challenge in this round is that gamers need to maneuver an object to overcome all barriers to successfully reach the finish line. The main object in Geometry Dash Battletown has incredible speed and constantly changing shapes. Players are recognized for completion when the object reaches the finish line, regardless of the number of coins collected.


Adventure in the unique neon matrix

Geometry Dash Battletown begins with a slow pace of cube segments. In this part, the player needs to accurately time the object to move through narrow spaces between two pillars, a few jumping balls, and avoid sharp triangle blocks. Gamers can see animated ghosts appear in the terrain below. Do you want to try letting the object touch them? Maybe you should stop thinking and get ready for the short train and robot section that follows.

The object accelerates and enters the wave segment immediately after the short cube segment. The tunnel in the wave section will be a big challenge, with sharp spikes appearing continuously. After the words "I like this part" appear in the background, gamers come to the ball, the airship, and the UFO segment. The entity regains speed during the cube and robot segments afterward. The level ends after the robot makes a few short jumps and sprints to the finish line.

3 user coins

  • The first coin is at position 33% in the aircraft segment. You notice the terrain above, the item appears in the middle of the triangle with virtual lines.
  • At position 77%, instead of controlling the plants to fly straight, you move up a narrow path above. The second coin is in this passage.
  • In the final robot segment, gamers let the entity fall onto the terrain below. The coin is at the 98% position, right below a platform with obstacles.
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