Geometry Dash Payload

Geometry Dash Payload

Obstacles have never had such a variety of shapes with Geometry Dash Payload. This ultimate creativity is published by TheRM22 with difficulty above the difficulty of 6 stars. Barriers with sharp spikes or villains appear continuously to increase the challenge in the game to an extremely high level. The object successfully reaching the target will be a resounding victory for players. Besides, collecting all 3 user coins will be the deciding factor in gamers' complete conquest.

In addition, the background music in Geometry Dash Payload is considered to make the game more vibrant. However, this mental agent will help your steps to control the object become more vivid.


The matrix changes with rhythm

The level opens with a slow tempo and steady movement of the cube over a short number of steps. The terrain is maintained until the end of the robot and mini-robot segments. The entity transforms into a ball shape with multiple balls jumping, and a gravity portal appears. The round continues with an airship segment in a terrain with cactus-like obstacles and some small monsters. This is followed by robot segments, speed waves, basic cubes, and robots. After a short UFO segment, the entity quickly transformed into a cube that drifted straight through space without any obstacles and reached the destination.

User coins

  • 44%: Right below the third fire-breathing monster in the cactus terrain. The first coin appears right on the surface of the hot lava.
  • 66%: The key at 55% will be the appearance condition of the second coin at position 66%.
  • 96%: The last coin appears floating in a safe open space of the cube segment just before the finish line.