Wormate.io is a game about collecting items to create a giant earthworm. The setting is underground with lots of items, such as candy, food, drinks, and so on. Besides eating lots of objects, players need to navigate the main entity away from other worms. Your cartoon character will die if he collides with his fellow creatures and you will lose.

Wormate.io does not have many levels or game modes. Your only experience is controlling the worm to avoid opponents and become as big as possible. You can also come up with strategies to defeat your opponents and collect the items they drop.


Direct the cartoon earthworm

To make the entity move, the player moves the mouse in the direction they want. Gamers can increase the speed of the worm by holding down the mouse button.

Explore the worm game nation

Collecting items and making entities big is your passion and you are looking for alternatives to Wormate.io. So what are you waiting for? Experience the fun of games like Little Big Snake (.io), Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone, etc.

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