Taming.io will push you into a wild virtual world with promising survival experiences. You will embark on an adventure into a world full of wonders and dangers. Gather resources, craft tools, build bases, and fight fierce monsters - all at your fingertips.


The Detailed Gameplay

The tasks you need to perform to have an impressive achievement in Taming.io are:

  • Explore and exploit valuable resources such as wood, stone, food and water. You need to collect and manage these resources to build and maintain your base.
  • You can tame many different types of creatures to be your companions. Each creature has its own skills and powers, helping you fight, gather resources and protect your base.
  • Use the collected resources to build a strong base and protect yourself from threats from enemies and wild animals. You can build walls, gates, watchtowers and many other structures to strengthen your defenses.
  • You will face many different enemies, from other players to dangerous creatures.

Master Your Experience

  • Start by gathering basic resources like wood and stone to craft initial tools and weapons to protect yourself.
  • Build a small base to shelter from monsters and harsh weather.
  • Search for weak creatures and tame them to aid you. At the same time, always be careful and watch out for other players.

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