MiniGiants.io is an exciting fighting game with interesting features and attractive rewards. The player controls the character as a warrior on the battlefield, defeating your opponents and collecting priceless loot.

MiniGiants.io has eight classes that correspond to the character's growth level. Each class will have certain advantages that help gamers defeat enemies more easily.


How to control your warrior?

  • Players only need to use the mouse in MiniGiants.io:
  • Move the mouse: to direct the character's direction.
  • Left-click: to attack
  • Right-click: to accelerate for a short time.

To become a brilliant warrior

  • Focus on leveling up and targeting low-level players early on.
  • Collect shiny rocks to gain experience to level up.
  • Keep an eye on collecting the chests your enemies drop because you will earn gold by opening them.

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