Geometry Dash Zodiac

Geometry Dash Zodiac

Geometry Dash Zodiac's maze with a series of different matrices was created by Bianox with 10-star difficulty. The Extreme Demon level's challenge is greatly reflected in the number of rounds in this fan-made game. Specifically, you need to overcome 20 terrains on maps with different shapes of obstacles. Each terrain in Geometry Dash Zodiac is designed with different colors. The rhythm in the game also creates excitement because it stimulates gamers’ exploration and encouragement.


The origin of this version

RicoLP participated in the Extreme Demon mega-collaboration, Zodiac, on July 16, 2017. LeoCreatorX made the second part, and Enlex uploaded his part in January 2018. Juhou won the Creator Contest, and Bianox became the new host. TehTactiq uploaded the finished level on February 12, 2018, showcasing the new parts and team.

Let’s go to the appealing adventure

The first half of the level consists of six sections. A timing-based mini-ball comes next, then the robot section, and it all starts with a half-speed cube section. The following section starts with a challenging mini-robot segment, then moves on to a constrained robot segment, a single-speed straight-fly-based ship sequence, and two triple-spike jumps. The triple-speed mini-cube section continues, with a short straight-fly part and a tight UFO segment afterward. The following segment is the quadruple-speed spider-cube dual and a brief half-speed cube. The object switches to a quick quadruple-speed cube section, then a triple-speed straight-fly segment, a double-speed ball segment, a tight spider segment, and a double-speed straight-flying segment. Gamers control the entity through a transformation portal, go to half-speed, and begin with a timing-based mini-robot section and a tricky ship sequence.

The final half of the level consists of eight parts. A timing-based cube segment and a tight ship sequence follow in Samifying's part. The double-speed timing cube section and the spamming-based wave segment will appear after that. Then, gamers come to the triple-speed cube, the UFO part, a tight ball section, and return to a memorization cube. The next maze is the half-speed cube section, a skill-based ship part, a tricky single-speed mini-cube timing section, and a ball segment. The track continues with a fast-paced triple-speed wave part and a timing-based cube. At position 87%, the form of the entity is a triple-speed mini-cube before changing to the UFO segment. The final part is the continuous transformation of the main entity before ending with the wave segment.


  • The number of objects in the matrix of Geometry Dash Zodiac is up to 196,957.
  • The adventure in this version also has a very long track with a total completion time of 3'14".
  • This level was placed at #1 on the Demonlist in March 2019.
  • This user-level game, at the time of its release, surpassed the difficulty of Yatagarasu, Erebus and Bloodlust. Thus, it can be said that this was the most difficult version at that time.
  • The Zodiac could be a belt-shaped sky locale amplifying 8° north or south of the ecliptic, containing the ways of the Moon, unmistakable planets, and 12 visionary signs.