Geometry Dash Bloodlust

Obstacles with a crazy frequency of appearance and layout are very successfully demonstrated by Knobbelboy in Geometry Dash Bloodlust. This user-level game is set to Extreme Demon with 10-star difficulty. The matrix in the game has a formidable length, and fogs that appear suddenly will limit your vision for a short time. At the end of the path, there will be a monster following right behind the main object, but it will not interfere with your main control commands.


History of the creation

Bloodlust, a 2.0 remake of Sonic Wave Infinity, was made by Riot and Manix648. It featured a challenging swing-copter section propelled by Hinds' portion in Yatagarasu. The level comes to 69,000 objects, making it one of the foremost object-heavy in Geometry Dash history. Quasar and Manix also released previews, with Manix's finishing animation and Quasar's moment exhibiting the level's difficulty.

Explore the complicated maze

The combination of a series of users has divided this level into 19 segments with different matrix layouts. The round opens with black stones and a ruby moon, with the words "Welcome back to Hell" appearing in the background. The mini-ship then transformed into a normal ship with a speed wave and beautiful crystal terrain. The number of objects appearing in the mini-ball and mini-ship segments can make gamers dizzy. However, the main obstacles are still pointed triangles placed on high columns. After a series of commands controlling the entity via gravity portals, teleportation portals, and jump spheres, the player is led to a narrow tunnel with a versioned platform.

The narrow passage is the terrain maintained throughout the cube, the ball, the ship, and the UFO segment. The round continues with a short dual-cube segment after switching to ship, wave, and UFO modes with a series of death saws. Gravity gates, acceleration bumps, and jump balls also appear continuously, making the entity's movements more difficult to control. One by one, you will witness backdrops with beautiful drawings. Of course there won't be time to admire the scenery; you need to be careful not to let the entity collide with countless spikes and saw blades. The round ends after a series of short waves, a continuous transformation of the object's shape. Finally, the cube reached the finish line with the giant “Bloodlust” text and the names of the contributors appearing in the background.


  • The total number of objects appearing in the track is 170,743 with a total time to complete the matrix of 2'50".
  • In February 2018, this level was placed #1 in the Demonlist.
  • Along with Yatagarasu, there are also many debates surrounding Bloodlust, with some saying this version has more surprising difficulty.
  • Genius creator Dorami also challenged this level and lost in the most painful position, 99%.
  • Bloodlust's verification video has the most views of the entire verified Geometry Dash level, with 10 million views (as of December 2022).
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