Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

In Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity, players will have a great deal of fun trying to navigate through a maze full of spikes and walls! This game is a custom level from the Geometry Dash game and is very popular thanks to its extreme difficulty and catchy music. Furthermore, being an Extreme Demon level means that it is one of the hardest levels players can ever imagine!

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity features easy but hard-to-master controls, which pair very well with the unforgiving obstacle placement. In fact, even managing to get past 50% of the level is considered quite a feat in itself! Any player trying this game should expect to crash into obstacles and start from the beginning over and over again. However, if you manage to reach the end of the level, the joy of it is immeasurable!


Click to make the character jump and activate certain items.