Geometry Dash UFOgeist

The genius developer ZelLink continues to show its passion for the obstacle course game series with the exciting game Geometry Dash UFOgeist. The difficulty of this fan-made game is Hard level with 4 stars and includes 2 user coins. UFOgeist is the third and final level in the UFO Pack, following UFO Madness and UFO on Track.

The game starts with UFO mode at a long distance before switching to airship mode. Next, UFO mode will continue until the end of the round. The main terrain in Geometry Dash UFOgeist is not too complicated, with familiar shapes such as square boxes, pointed triangles, and jagged shapes.


The preview of the matrix

With a green backdrop at the beginning of the level, players may jump over spikes using spheres. As the background turns vivid green and blue, it turns red-pink, and you have to jump between the gaps between the blocks. There is a ship at the start of the pink gateway, and you have to fly between bricks. You have to climb pillars and blocks before lowering, and the background turns blue. The background becomes green as little spiked and sphere-shaped platforms appear. You have to jump out of a tall platform and keep landing on pillars and spheres. The level concludes with a series of jumps between pillars.

User coins

  • 24%: When the background light turns pink, gamers control the UFO to move close to the terrain below. The first coin appears next to a cog. The terrain below is a safe platform, so you don't need to worry.
  • 46%: For this coin to appear, you need to collect the key at position 43% in the aircraft segment. Then, quickly navigate the entity down a small passage with a yellow switch gate. The path close to the terrain below has one user coin remaining.
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