Geometry Dash UFO On Track

ZelLink continues to bring to the world of exciting obstacle course games with the impressive game Geometry Dash UFO On Track. The difficulty of this user-level game is 4 stars and includes 2 user coins. It is a remake of the original Back On Track. Gamers control the entity to overcome complex terrain in the matrix with different shape changes of the object to reach the finish line safely.

The novelty is shown at the beginning and throughout the round with the UFO mode of the main object. With background music in perfect harmony with the warm-toned lighting of the background, players take turns navigating the object through square columns and pointed triangles. Fake terrain can be distracting, and players can easily be caught off guard by real obstacles. Therefore, pay attention to the glowing borders of the puzzle, which will determine the danger of the matrix.


Find out 2 user coins

  • The first coin is in the aircraft segment. The player controls the object instead of going through the terrain below and flying up the path above. There will be some spiked blocks appearing, but there is still enough space for the entity to collect the coin here.
  • The remaining coin appears on the last leg of the matrix. Gamers navigate the UFO down close to the terrain below to collect coins under a high cylinder. Immediately after getting this item, you will get a series of "Clean Game" words appearing, and the object will reach the finish line.

How to master this complex game

Geometry Dash UFO On Track does not have many changes in terrain or object shape. The entity's speed also remained stable throughout. However, judging whether obstacles are real or false will confuse you. First of all, choose a consistent control command to participate in the game. Gamers can click on the game screen, use the up arrow, or press the spacebar to maneuver the geometry.

Accurate timing is an important factor in your victory. Besides, you can skip some portals if you find another easier way. In addition, collecting user coins is only for completion; it is not mandatory. Therefore, if you are having trouble controlling the main object in the matrix, you can skip getting this item.

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