Geometry Dash The Lightning Road

Geometry Dash The Lightning Road

Enjoy the rhythm and vivid visual effects like a shimmering light stage in Geometry Dash The Lightning Road. This user-level version was created by Timeless with 10-star difficulty of the Easy Demon level. This game is divided into several easy spots, starting with normal-speed cubes, followed by a short ship sequence, a straightforward ball part, and a cube piece. The risks are clearly stated, but the screen occasionally goes black.


What challenges await?

The matrix in Geometry Dash The Lightning Road will bring you a true light party. Sparkling gates will appear throughout the track with different functions. The navigation portal will be the largest and thickest, along with portals that convert the shape and speed of the object.

The round begins with a cube segment jumping over steps. The terrain now has a few yellow jumping balls and gravity gates. The object will change direction twice in succession when passing through the mirror, and then continue with short jumps. Gamers move the object through the first shapeshifting portal and to the ship section. The spikes attached to the platform will be the main obstacle in this section. Gravity and transformation portals also appear a lot. However, with the cube segmentation and the short ball here, you can choose another path for the entity.

Geometry Dash The Lightning Road continues with the cube segment, with constant diversions. This may make you dizzy, but the object's speed is still maintained at a stable level. This rapid change is maintained in the ship and the ball sections that follow. The terrain at this time is high-rise blocks, with obstacles being pointed triangles. After a short release, the object continues its journey as a silhouette. Before the player enters the next ship and cube segment, you need to control the object to jump through a mirror portal. The round ends with a cube segment. Gamers navigate the entity, continuously tapping golden jumping balls to leap to the finish line.


  • Even though it is rated with a difficulty of 10 stars, the objects in The Lighting Road only have 3,527.
  • This is part of Demon Pack 3, along with The Nightmare and Crescendo.
  • This is the first level where throughout the matrix there are countless flashing lights.
  • In March 2017, this level was added to 3 user coins but was removed in a later update.