Geometry Dash The Nightmare

Geometry Dash The Nightmare

Geometry Dash The Nightmare will give players an unprecedented experience with new block movements. The game is a fan-made version created by Jax (GW JAX) on Demon difficulty with 10 stars. Like other games of the same genre, the main object in this game needs to reach the finish line safely for gamers to win.

A special point in Geometry Dash The Nightmare, sometimes the object will move upside down; this is a new feature of this version compared to other versions of the user-level platform. You can follow the route of the main entity displayed on the green bar in the upper corner of the main screen.


The awkward matrix

The game starts with a standard ball section, in which the player must repeatedly alter their gravitational field while striking orbs or pads. They have to dodge yellow pads, make their way through a section of four blocks, and adjust the gravity up and down. After then, the creature must avoid obstacles and modify its gravity in a mirrored cube pattern until reaching a ship gateway. The item is then navigated by players through a stream of invisible blocks, coming to rest on a spike. The level advances to three sequences with gravity portals: a ball, a cube, and a spacecraft. A double-speed cube pattern that requires jumps timed to music concludes the level.

This game requires your concentration and precise timing to be able to overcome consecutive difficulties. By using mouse clicks, the up arrow, or the space bar, gamers direct the entity to perform different actions, such as jumping or flying, to overcome all obstacles.

Enjoyable trivia

  • This version has 7,940 objects with a duration of 1’29”.
  • Although Platinum Adventure and The Lightning Road have easier levels, many people consider Geometry Dash The Nightmare to be Demon's easiest level. For a short time, this version was rated 7-star at the Harder level.
  • In the game, it's the third most popular and third most downloaded user-level.