Geometry Dash Super Cycles

GW Jax is the creator and publisher of the 10-star Easy Demon level, Geometry Dash Super Cycles, the first level in the Demon Pack 2 level set, before StarQuake. This user-level game is known for its intricacy and trickery routes, serving as a model for later stages.

The hard obstacle course game Super Cycles starts with a cube level and progresses to the ball stage, the cube portion with trampoline traps, and the ship stage. Gamers must go through a variety of stages, which call on quick thinking, timing, control over gravity, and the strategic application of spheres and trampolines.


Walk through the complex matrix

Super Cycles is a challenging puzzle game that begins with a cube stage where players must navigate through multiple paths. They then face a ship stage, another cube section, and a screen rotation. The game then progresses to a ball stage, where precise timing and gravity manipulation are crucial. The next stage introduces changing gravity and screen rotation, but is considered relatively easy. 

The level progresses to a challenging segment with a small ball, requiring considerable skill. The ship stage features frequent shifts in gravity but is relatively manageable. The ball stage has slightly increased speed, and the final stage ends with a cube section with trampoline traps. By successfully navigating these stages, players can emerge triumphant and complete the level.

Interesting trivia

  • At first appraised as a Medium Demon level, Super Cycles was afterward downsized to an Easy Demon level.
  • A mystery way once existed in Super Cycles, allowing players to bypass the complete level. Be that as it may, the creator expelled this path after its revelation.
  • Inside the progression of the foremost prevalent demons, Super Cycles positions 27th, exhibiting its persevering offer among players.
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