Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake is one of MasK463's most distinctive and thrilling Easy Demon challenges in the huge realm of Geometry Dash levels. The level of this fan-made game is Easy Demon, with a 10-star difficulty. Get ready for a challenging, fast-paced adventure that will put your reflexes and rhythm to the test as you make your way through a colorful neon landscape.

Geometry Dash Starquake is divided into two sections: the cube segment and the ship section. One of the trickiest sections of the level is the ship segment, which calls for exact timing and hand-eye coordination. The object enters a cube segment that resembles the first cube component after the ship phase. The total number of objects in this version is 6,497, with a complete duration of 1’24”.


Mastering this awkward matrix

To have the best mindset for the complex obstacle matrix in the Starquake version, players should make sure to understand the simple control commands. There are three ways you can move entities in this game: by clicking the mouse, pressing the spacebar, or using the up arrow.

Besides, mentally preparing for difficult segments is also a factor that helps you get acquainted and be proactive in navigation. The round begins with alternating cubes and mini-cubes at normal speed and a few jumps. The terrain in the beginning consists mainly of large platforms, pointed triangles, a few gravity gates, and jump balls. After the player controls the entity through the navigation mirror, the rhythm and background color change. The navigation took place continuously after that, with the terrain not much different. The round ends when the object performs a few quick jumps and shoots straight towards the glowing wall.