Geometry Dash Skyward

Geometry Dash Skyward

Geometry Dash Skyward is an obstacle course game with extreme challenges in a matrix of sparkling crystals. The game was created by Chaos, with difficulty rated at 5 stars of the Hard level. Players win when the main geometry overcomes all barriers with 11,884 objects to reach the finish line in a duration of 1’2”.

With the difficulty and rhythm of the game not being too tricky, collecting three user coins is also a factor in evaluating your control ability. The unlimited number of attempts will be an ideal opportunity for gamers to gradually familiarize yourselves with the matrix terrain in Geometry Dash Skyward.


The unique gameplay

The game starts with a cube and goes through ships, UFOs, and balls. In this game, you must hop on buildings, dodge spiked pillars, change your gravity, and navigate through cave-like floors and ceilings. The game concludes with sight reading, structure hopping, and a blue theme. There are several game types; the robot and ball are the ultimate forms. A note of gratitude and dedication for both the original and revised versions concludes the level.

Similar to other versions in the same series, you can choose one of the following three control methods: click the mouse, press the up arrow, or use the spacebar.

Positions of user coins

  • 18%: In the UFO segment, the first user coin appears to open virtually on the terrain below, behind a yellow gravity gate.
  • 55%: After going through the tunnel, gamers control the cube to jump onto two floating platforms to collect the second coin.
  • 78%: You may find this coin in the ball section. The object’s center of gravity must be moved to the coin, which has a question mark next to it, rather than softening them to fall on a pink orb.

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