Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection

Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection

Polish your hand-eye coordination with Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection! In this level, with the difficulty rating of Insane Demon, players will be put on a track full of obstacles and unexpected obstacles and control the character in various forms!

Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection, as the name suggests, encourages players to strive for perfection. In fact, whenever players collide with an obstacle, the game resets, and they will have to start from the beginning. To progress in the game, you will have to perform multiple action sequences by controlling the character as it jumps from one place to another. While Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection is widely considered to be one of the simplest Extreme Demon levels, it will still leave players with tons of unimaginable challenges and the thrill of being able to complete it!


Begin the game with your left mouse button. To control the character, click anywhere on the screen.