Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock, which was created by Danolex, has the unpredictable virtual changes and the incredible speed of the object. Geometry Dash Shock is the fourth level of the Fire Gauntlet, coming after First Race but before Magmatic Sanctuary. The game difficulty is 6 stars, and the challenge maze includes 3 user coins. The blocks in the game have beautiful lighting effects mixed with exciting music, creating a very exciting adventure. The terrain in Geometry Dash Shock is not too difficult, with some transformations of the main object such as a cube, a ship, and a UFO. The moving speed of the object matches perfectly with the rhythm of the background music, making their changes more unpredictable.


Three marvelous main segments

From 0 to 34%, this is the first part of this level. The level begins with a straightforward cube segment. It contains numerous hops, circles, and speed changes. A short time later, the object changes into a brief ship section, where it speeds up. Then, players are in a second cube area with many speed changes. Next, the entity continues to change into a ship containing gravity portals and a half-speed autocube section.

The second part is from 35 to 61%. Following, the screen blurs to dark, shows Etzer's logo, and moves into a moderate cube segment with many hops and circles. This cube, at that point, goes through a couple of brief speed changes that adjust with the music. This segment closes with a staircase with speedy speed bursts, and after that, it is auto until the drop.

The final segment of this matrix is a range of 62% to the end. The drop starts with a fast ship segment, as if it were one measure later, but with gravity entrances. At that point, the track continues with a change of the object to an awfully similar UFO for some sections. The screen all of a sudden turns dark with the word "LOL" on screen because it moves into a brief cube area, then the level ends with a brief ball section.

Collect 3 user coins

  • At 12%, within the cube section, players skip the green orb and arrive on the stage above.
  • At 55%, right before the drop, gamers control the entity to perform an additional hop to gather the key in the air at 56%. Upon closing the second triple-speed portal, the coin will appear at 58% and be free to collect.
  • At 90%, within the last cube section, the object drops down onto a covered-up stage, and the coin will appear.
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