Geometry Dash First Race

The never-ending awkward challenges in the world of obstacle racing will be clearly demonstrated with Geometry Dash First Race. Stamina is the creator and publisher of this game with a difficulty level of Harder with 6 stars. Gamers also do the same as other games in the Geometry Dash series, navigating the main object and avoiding collisions with barriers to reach the finish line safely.

Geometry Dash First Race has only one round consisting of 3 user coins. You will completely clear the game when the object reaches the end point (collecting user coins is not required).


Players can choose one of these commands: click the mouse on the game screen, press the UP arrow, or use the Spacebar to maneuver the main object.

The level starts with a simple cube fragment that runs at half speed and then doubles in pace. There is a brief spaceship part before the player enters the mini-cube zone. It takes a little while to return to its regular size before a mini-ball portion is seen. A more challenging UFO phase is preceded by a mini-cube and mini-robot section, and then a ship segment with different sizes and gravities. The next part has a half-speed cube with a wide variety of vehicles in different sizes, gravities, and speeds. The level concludes with a half-speed UFO portion following a half-speed wave part.

All user coins

  • 20%: Instead of jumping into the sphere like normal, the player controlling the character ignores it and hits the slope at 17%.
  • 40%: After passing through the gravity portal at position 37%, the player collects the second coin.
  • 78%: You navigate the entity without touching the blue jump ball. Instead, the matrix will move to the location of the spikes and the object will transform into a robot. After making a few jumps, you will see the last coin.
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