Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell

Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell is a production of the ultimate combination of Noobas and TrusTa with a dark maze and incredibly difficult obstacles. With a 10-star Extreme Demon level, the routes in this user-level game challenge even the most experienced players. The difficulty of Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell is shown right from the beginning of the round when the main object has incredible speed right from the start. Not stopping there, the entity's speed will increase three times. This requires gamers to have high concentration to issue timely control commands.

Research the history of this version

Sakupen Hell was created after Noobas was exposed for cracking by TheMuteTroll. Around that time, Cataclysm was beaten by several experienced players, namely Riot and Sandstorm (and famously cracked by Cyclic, believed to have beaten it legitimately at the time). When Update 2.0 was released, Noobas updated the level, adding a near-impossible wave dual segment to replace the final straight-fly mini-ship segment. Afterwards, the level got deleted as Noobas attempted to turn over a new leaf to be a legitimate player.


The unique gameplay

The level starts with a moderately difficult double-speed cube section containing an alternate way where the player is not required to hit all three blue orbs in the beginning; they can hit only the first by timing it late and still proceed. Afterwards, the speed changes to triple, and the player must pass a one-second-long difficult mini-wave segment, followed by a difficult mini-ball part.

From 16 to 29%, this is a difficult wave part with critical timing and insanely tight spaces. Then, the speed changes to triple again, and there is one of the most difficult mini-wave parts. Afterwards, there is a UFO section with tight spaces and gravity portals. It leads into a mini-ship part as the song drops orbs, some inside gravity portals.

Then, at the position from 74 to 89%, there is an easy mini-UFO/mini-ball mixed dual segment at half-speed. After this, the speed changes to triple-speed again, and the second difficult mini-wave part is almost identical to the first.


  • The level has 20,251 objects with a complete time of 50 seconds.
  • This version was placed at #2 on the Demonlist in January 2017.
  • In the game's matrix, it was mentioned that the first part of the level was extremely challenging due to its tight and precise design. However, it was later made easier in the rated version.
  • The third and fourth parts of the level had similar gameplay and design. 
  • Initially, the final part was a mini-ship straight-fly segment, but it was later changed to a triple-speed mini-wave dual spam section, which was considered nearly impossible. Eventually, it was reverted back to its original form in the final version.
  • Riot, despite being considered harder than Bloodbath due to its critical timing and insane wave parts, remained on the Official Extreme and Insane Demon Records List for a while.
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