Geometry Dash Rester

Geometry Dash Rester is a user-level game created by YunHaSeu and Cenos with 7-star difficulty. This game is designed with unique terrains and backgrounds in six main segments: tropical forest, indoor living room, desert hills, murky pine forest, lush green hills, and beautiful safari. The barriers in other segments mainly appear in the form of familiar stairs and tunnels.


Six appealing and challenging segments

  • Tropical Forest: Geometry Dash Rester starts with a jungle setting and the cube shape of the object. The terrain at this time is designed with familiar images appearing in forests, like brick walls filled with green grass, tree branches connecting paths, and animals. The gamers' task is to avoid blocks with neon light in the shape of sharp blocks and saw blades.
  • Indoor Living Room: In the second part of this version, players will participate in the challenge in a separate room of a house. Familiar objects appear on furniture. The object is in flight mode, and the challenge here is that you need to detect where the obstacles are. Sun-like shapes appearing from both sides will be barriers in this segment.
  • Desert Hill: The third part is the ball segment, with the terrain being large platforms and some gravity portals appearing. Your task is to control the speed of the entity well to avoid sharp spikes.
  • Murky Pine Forest: In the next part, the object turns into a robot and has more space to move. This is the shortest paragraph in this version.
  • Lush Green Hill: The round continues with the main object's UFO appearance. In this part, the player navigates the flying object steadily in the middle of the screen for safety.
  • Beautiful Safari: The last part of Geometry Dash Rester is the flight mode. The matrix is now decorated with large pedestals. The moving space is spacious and easy for you to pass.

User coins

  • 25%: With the living room scene, the player controls the ship to fly up a small walkway at position 25%. The first coin appears here.
  • 63%: The second coin appears at the end of the robot segment. Gamers move the entity to jump up from a platform and collect coins at position 63%.
  • 81%: The last coin is at position 81%. Instead of navigating a steady, moving object, the player sends the ship to the terrain above. The coin appears on top of a fake saw blade.

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