Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Pennutoh created Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex with a 10-star difficulty in the Extreme Demon level. The maze in this fan-made game is covered in purple colors, creating a magical feeling for the entire route. It is also a visual challenge for gamers when the screen flashes continuously to the music with dark colors. The main object will rush at incredible speeds through different terrains, including several vital times, imperceptible gateways, and shifting hurdles. Players will win when the object goes all the way and jumps to the finish line.


What is a matrix with 10-star difficulty?

The level starts with a challenging cube area with gravity changes and irritating timing. The player enters a double-speed ship sequence with a moving foundation and 2.0 beautification. The cube segment centers on memory due to fake lining, portals, and bounce pads. The gravity changes, and the words "Great Good Fortune!" are shown. The foremost troublesome portion of the level is the epileptic wave mode, with tight spaces, spiky thistles, sudden speed changes, double portals, wave fakes, and tight spaces. The wave section moreover highlights a ball/wave blended dual-inspired by Fox Circles and a buggy, irritating dual flat-out wave mode. The ultimate portion of the level may be a cube segment with triple spikes, a few of which are moving, outlined to blend up the player. The level closes with a brief ball segment with the words "BAUSHA VORTEX Confirmed BY Temporum."

Some sundry information

  • It has 27,055 objects on the matrix with a time of 1’12’ to complete.
  • The Demonlist ranking for this version is #4 as of March 2017.
  • The Nine Circles' color plans amid the wave portion are violet, cerulean, ocean green, yellow, orange, and fuchsia.
  • This level was the motivation for Hyper Paracosm.
  • In June 2022, Bausha Vortex replaced Abyss of Darkness and joined the ranks of the Legacy List.