Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Join Geometry Dash Nine CircleX and immerse yourself in a matrix of red fire and burning music. Rustam, Zobros, and ViPriN are the creators of this game with Insane Demon difficulty of 10 stars. Gamers need truly professional skills to control the object safely to the finish line. The obstacles and terrain in the game are almost impossible tasks for all players, with 67,850 objects. Besides, pay attention to collecting all 3 user coins randomly placed during the round to completely master the complexity of the fiery match of Geometry Dash Nine CircleX.

The game begins with a Nine Circles cube decorated in a fire-like scheme with spikes. Arrows direct the player through a ship section, then a ball section with slanted pillars and orbs. The game then transitions to a half-speed cube section, a triple-speed wave segment, a robot section, a straight-fly segment, and four slow cube jumps. The level ends with the names Zobros, Viprin, and Rustam.


3 user coins

Players control the main entity in this user-level version using the mouse click, the spacebar, or the up arrow. In addition, to collect enough user coins, you need to pay attention to control commands in special terrain. The positions of user coins in this matrix are:

  • 12%: In the ship segment, after moving through a gravity portal, the player navigates the flying object up to the small tunnel above to collect the first coin.
  • 35%: After the entity jumps over a few steps, the player needs to move the cube to touch the blue sphere to jump up to collect the second coin.
  • 98%: The last coin will be received automatically after the object collects all three red locks at positions 54%, 60%, and 65%.


The meaning of all Chinese words appearing on the background:

  • 死 - Death
  • 運命 - Fate
  • 破滅 - Ruin / Destruction
  • 闇 - Darkness
  • 滅亡  - Downfall

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