Geometry Dash Chambers

Geometry Dash Chambers

Get ready to enjoy great music and exciting obstacle challenges in Geometry Dash Chambers. The game was created and published by SirHadoken with a difficulty of 3 stars. This level is also the first in the Bonus Gauntlet, which has the level of Normal. The matrix in this round will be a thrilling experience for players to come into contact with many types of barriers with not too much difficulty. Your mission is to control the cube to avoid colliding with 17,202 objects on the track.

Besides, gamers can collect 3 user coins and reach the finish line safely to completely conquer this intense rhythm adventure game. Don't forget to turn on the site's sound to immerse yourself in the dramatic musical world of Geometry Dash Chambers.


Three main segments

  • 0-22%: The level initiates with a half-speed cube passing a Low Detail key, with basic jump on gray buildings required.
  • 23-75%: A single-speed spacecraft with gravity and size portals is found at 22%. Spikes on ceilings and floors rise and fall with the song's beat. Custom portals lead to a ball segment, with a mini-ball phase starting at 57% and a brief dual segment at 70%.
  • 76-100%: The object enters a half-speed cube sector with a red caution message. They pass by a coin, sawblade, keyhole, and 94% spike, signaling the end of the game. The word "Sir" is passed by, creating the word "Chambers" as rainbow-colored letters descend.

Positions of user coins

  • 10%: The first coin lies on a raised platform with spikes at the bottom.
  • 77%: Jump onto the yellow orb in front of a short path at the top of the screen. Here, players can see the second coin floating between the spikes.
  • 91%: To get the last coin, gamers need to control the object to collect the key in the mini ball segment at position 57%. At position 91%, the coin appears on the short path below the screen.