Geometry Dash Ichor

The challenging game Geometry Dash Ichor was made by DzRAS. It has 3 user coins and a rating of 5 stars. It is the second level of the Lava Gauntlet, after Infernal Arena and before Frontline Full. Throughout the game, there are difficult jumps, timed challenges, and gravity portals.

Players start in the cube state with certain objectives to accomplish. Upon reaching 10%, players transition to the Spider-Man game mode, where the objective is to avoid obstacles, utilize portals to alter the vital power, and increase it to 30%. The game includes the UFO, the vessel, and the ball part. Players must reverse the gravity in order to finish the level. The game is well known for its inventive and distinctive design, which features fine details and vivid colors.


Collect all user coins

  • 34%: The first coin appeared in the robot segment. Gamers control the entity to jump up a ladder above. The coin is located between the two scythes and automatically drops when the object comes close.
  • 63%: The second coin is in the fast wave section. The player navigates the object through the slope, entering the middle of the terrain above to collect the coin.
  • 87%: The last coin appears in the ball segment. This item is easily collected because it is on the main moving platform of the object.

Some tips from Dashers

Regular players of the Geometry Dash series have a few tricks up their sleeves that will help reduce their attempts significantly.

  • Read or preview the matrix terrain during the main round. Then, try to remember the challenges you need to overcome and create your own strategies.
  • Take advantage of background music as a support tool. Gamers can listen to the background music many times to get used to it. By controlling the entity to move to the beat of the music, the player can overcome most obstacles.
  • If you feel the main path is facing many difficulties, you don't need to collect coins. User coins in the game are for complete conquest only. You are still considered to have completed the round when you overcome all barriers without collecting coins.
  • In cases where it is possible to control the entity to follow another path, moving through gravity portals is also unnecessary. Only if you find that speed changes make things more difficult for you, use this tips.
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