Geometry Dash Frontline Full

Geometry Dash Frontline Full

Geometry Dash Frontline Full is a challenging level in the Lava Gauntlet, created by God Of Music. With a variety of modes and components, it delivers fast-paced gaming. This level calls for deft timing and fluid motions. It is regarded as one of the most difficult stages in the Lava Gauntlet with 6 stars and is decorated in black and red. Besides, this matrix consists of 3 silver user coins.

Frontline Full contains a wide range of game modes and features, including the cube, the ship, the ball segment, and wave portions, along with intense and fast-paced action. God of Music designed the level with the intention of it being difficult and requiring accurate timing and deft movement to complete.


The marvelous matrix

Geometry Dash Frontline Full begins with a dark scene and the appearance of cartoon monsters. The cube segment opens with jumping ball tapping movements to avoid colliding with pointed triangle blocks. The terrain does not change until the ball segment. At this time, the matrix is decorated with wide platforms, accompanied by a number of short slopes. Jumping spheres continue to be the safest barrier-crossing tool for the main object.

The next cube segment starts where the background says, “This part is epic”. At this point, the matrix is arranged in consecutively high columns. Surrounding the entire road is still a dark space with red and black colors, with monsters appearing on both sides of the screen. After colliding with a series of jump balls in a narrow tunnel, the object reached the airship segment. The terrain now turns into saw blades and countless portals. The round continues with a short wave, the cube, and the UFO segment before moving on to the robot segment. Geometry Dash Frontline Full ends with a short run to the finish line by the entity in robot form with the text “Thanks for playing”.

Find out user coins

The first coin appears at position 29%. Immediately after reaching the first ball segment, the player controls the object to reach a wide platform with a short slope. The item will appear when the entity is close to the destination. The second coin is in the cube segment, at position 55%. The player needs to let the entity touch the first blue jump ball to get this item. The remaining coin is located right behind the three spike blocks at the end of the path, close to the finish line at 98%. Gamers control the main object to jump, avoid obstacles, collect the coin, and reach the finish line.