Geometry Dash Generation Retro

Geometry Dash Generation Retro

Geometry Dash Generation Retro is a user-level game created by ArathhSA and Mordeth. The game's difficulty is rated at 6 stars, with 3 user coins in the maze of 23,084 objects. Many strange-looking cartoon aliens created the matrix in the game.

The level starts with a cube section, then moves on to a robot, wave, mini-wave, ball, UFO, boss-fight, and main boss. In the ending of this game, you will watch a funny battle. The blue alien defeats the enemy, and the main object responding to a laser beam kills the main boss.



The game starts with a cube segment where players are greeted by a red alien with the phrase "Welcome!". The matrix then moves to a robot section, where the villain alien responds with a 'No!'. After that, the object enters a ball section where aliens serve as platforms. The villain attacks, but a blue alien defends them. 

The level transitions to an easy UFO section, where the player follows arrows and faces a boss fight with an alien. The boss will say a series of discouraging sentences, such as “You Have Not Win" and “You Died”. The main boss shoots laser beams and creates spikes, but the player dodges. Suddenly, a blue alien appears with the response "No, this is the end for you" and destroys the boss. The fight between these two characters takes place again in the final segment. However, this time the green entity is defeated, and the player is tasked with defeating the boss. The round ends when the red devil shouts “No” and disappears.

User coins

The 3 user coins of Generation Retro are at positions 22%, 57%, and 98%.

  • The first coin is in the wave segment. As soon as the gamer controls the object to jump through a transition gate into the wave segment, the coin appears at the first peak.
  • The second coin appears in the lower terrain during the first boss battle.
  • The third coin will be automatically collected when you defeat the boss in the last segment.

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