Geometry Dash OuterSpace

Geometry Dash OuterSpace

Geometry Dash OuterSpace is an obstacle course game set inside an inhospitable volcano. Nicki1202 is the creator, and this game is published with a relative difficulty of 5 stars and 3 user coins. At this level, players can fully feel the excitement of the background music without making the game too dramatic. Geometry Dash OuterSpace is one of five rounds in the Fire Gauntlet version. You will win when the main object safely touches the target wall.


Six challenging dimensions in this version

First of all, to get the best sense of control, players need to understand how to move entities. There are three ways to make the object perform actions: click the mouse, use the up arrow, or press the spacebar.

The six spatial dimensions of the level are:

  • 0-10%: A normal speed cube opens the round. The background appears with the words “Fire Gauntlet” and an image of its symbol.
  • 11-21%: Next comes a train sequence segment with double the speed and terrain that includes some easy-to-avoid obstacles.
  • 22-34%: This is a speed ball segment that features simple navigation timing adjustments.
  • 35-45%: Tempo will return to normal when the entity is in UFO mode. However, the entity quickly accelerated when flipped upside down before stabilizing its velocity by jumping through the blue gravity portal. At the end of the segment, there are safe slopes.
  • 46-68%: The object returns to its normal cube shape. The terrain in this part has many jump balls and gravity pads in a row.
  • 69-100%: In a triple-speed ship segment, the player is confronted by a massive laser-shooting weapon. Spikes cover the screen, with the exception of the third user coin. The player has to dodge obstacles while the boss flees. Finally, the laser breaks through the wall.

Locations of user coins

  • 14%: Coin appears in the first train sequence. Gamers control the flying object moderately high to avoid collisions with the barrier above.
  • 57%: Instead of jumping into the blue sphere, you let the entity fall to the floor between two spikes.
  • 74%: Players move the ship below the boss's laser beam, and you can drop the object completely to the floor.