Geometry Dash Firework

Challenge your speed in the matrix with tiny sparks of Geometry Dash Firework created by Vernam and Trick. This user-level game is rated in Extreme Demon with a 10-star difficulty. The change in terrain in this game happens quite a lot in a short time. A quick black-screen transition effect separates each segment.


Research the history of the Firework version

Due to the rapid pace of the level's production, the verifier Dolphy released the first Firework preview to his channel, which featured all of the previously mentioned parts. Soon after the preview, a number of other creators uploaded their parts: Deron, the two parts from Buragoz, Itami (who took Grayrain's place), RealVet (who substituted Desumari's second part), and OfficialFreck. A few of the Firework decorators were working behind the scenes and withholding footage of their segments; however, f3lixsram later released a montage featuring these segments on Christmas 2019.

Get acquainted with the challenging matrix

  • 0-14%: The level begins with a normal-speed cube, then quickens to triple speed, requiring tight ball clicks, a brief ship section, and a cube move into a wave segment. Players must perform sprint orb timing, navigate tight spaces, and perform double creepy crawly clicks.
  • 15-36%: The level features a ship game mode with a speedy upward swoop, the dual-UFO, the wave fragment, and the ship segment. Players must navigate the entity using a dash orb, time a dash orb, and avoid spheres. Other segments include the spider, the cube, the wave portal, teleport portals, and the dual-ship. The final part includes a cube with various circle timings and gravity entrances.
  • 37-54%: The segment begins with cube game mode, where players synchronize sphere timings to music and experience fake circles. The round quickens to triple speed, with players tapping more times. The final two seconds involve seven tight orbs launched through a ball entry, reaching a cube entry, and performing exact cube timings. A cube fragment with mini-cubes and blue circles will appear afterward.
  • 55-71%: The game involves two cube timings, a UFO fragment, a blue sphere cluster, and a robot section. Players must execute a perfect ball timing into various areas, including a ship passage, wave portal, dual-spider segment, and transport hallway. The level blurs to dark at the end of this part.
  • 71-79%: Players navigate a cube-shaped level with a double-speed, upward slope and a mechanized vehicle. The climax may be a challenging ship segment with contract hallways and gravity portals, requiring routes through orbs and gravity entrances.
  • 80-100%: Gamers control the most substance through a challenging double-speed cube section, requiring memory and fast stops. A skull with "VERIFIED BY TRICK" appears at the conclusion. The ultimate area is brief but simple, with dash-orb timings and tight jumps.


  • Geometry Dash Firework has 165,198 objects on track with 2’7” in length.
  • It was placed at #2 on the Demonlist in November 2021 with Slaughterhouse and arcturus. And within the history of the diversion, this level is the 34th past Top 1.
  • Trick's 234,000 attempts were once the most elevated confirmation venture attempt number. However, Demishio's over 500,000 attempts with Kyouki surpassed the past record.
  • As someone's first Extreme Demon level, it is the hardest to finish. Artify8 defeated it on January 11, 2022, after bouncing from Nine Circles.
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