Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

If you are a big fan of the ultra-difficult levels in Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse is finally here to put your skills to the test! This game is based on an Extreme Demon level titled Slaughterhouse, which is notorious for its difficulty and is one of the hardest levels in Geometry Dash. How many attempts will it take for you to reach the end of the game?

Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse features an intense obstacle course that will leave players gaping after seeing it once. Its graphics are ominous, and the main color scheme is a combination of dark red and black—a fitting combo for the game’s name. Progressing through this hazardous maze requires players to be extremely attentive and have a lot of practice. Don’t be surprised if your attempt counter gets to hundreds before even seeing the end of the level!


To lead the character through obstacles, press the spacebar or click on the left mouse button.