Geometry Dash Darker Drop

Geometry Dash Darker Drop

Alkali is the talented creator of the engaging fan-made game Geometry Dash Darker Drop. The matrix design in this version is rated at 10 stars in difficulty and includes 2 user coins. It is the second level in the Alkali's Drop trilogy, after dark drop and before Darkest Drop, two Easy Demons. The speed of the main entity can make gamers dizzy with speedy movements through tricky barriers. The pace of the game is terrible; you need to use your quick eye skills and timely maneuvering ability to give accurate commands. A small collision can also cause gamers to have to restart the round, even if the entity is close to the finish line.

Geometry Dash Darker Drop starts with a cube and a steady pace. However, a sharp acceleration in mode with frequent changes in the object's appearance - such as airships, UFOs, balls, and dual ships - follows this. The most complex terrain in this matrix is the two speed wave segments. Immediately after each segment, there will be a successive transformation of the main object. Besides, the pace of the game is also pushed up by the dizzying speed of the entity. In addition, the appearance of jumping balls also makes your control more challenging.


Identify the location of 2 user coins

At position 61%, the segment, which immediately after the object moves from the ship to the cube, the coin appears at the top. Gamers control the entity to make a simple jump to collect this coin. The remaining coin is at position 77%. During the wave segment, the player navigates the object upward. The item is located in a section with two consecutive short slopes.

Control the unique entity

Despite the complex matrix, the way to control the object in Geometry Dash Darker Drop is extremely simple. You can choose to use consecutive mouse clicks on the screen. If it is more convenient to use the keyboard, gamers can choose the up arrow or the spacebar. A reasonable choice will make your experience more complete. In addition, the right control button will help the player's adventure be more effective.