Geometry Dash Dark Drop

Geometry Dash Dark Drop

NatDak and Alkali are the two creators of Geometry Dash Dark Drop with a 7-star difficulty in the Harder level. Additionally, the hidden matrix contains 3 user coins located at different positions. Similar to the nature of the original Geometry Dash series, this fan-made game is also fast-paced, pulsating, and incredibly difficult. The game requires maximum concentration and timely control commands. This version has a fairly easy first half for enthusiasts of this adventure series. For new players, you can get used to the terrifying speed of the object on difficult levels. The second half of the matrix will be truly challenging with entity interface transformations and continuously changing terrain.

Before exploring the challenges in the matrix, you need to understand how to control the object. You can use left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar to direct the main geometry.


Discover the complex of this user-level game

The terrain in Geometry Dash Dark Drop consists of two large parts, based on the involvement of two developers.

From the opening to 43%, this is a segment designed by NatDak. The level begins with a basic cube part, which is easy for beginners. At 17%, a triple-speed wave section appears, making it difficult for beginners but easy for descents. The object then switches continuously between cube, UFO, and back to cube, with slopes at 22%. After that, the form of the main entity changes continuously, becoming a cube, a robot, and another cube part. A short ship appears with the text "Natdak is here!" and is required to fly through portals. A cube segment is easier than it appears. The final ball part is basic, with invisible objects at the end and the text "LOL!".

From 44% to the end, this is the segment of the remaining creator, Alkali. This part starts with a cube, followed by a robot, and then back to the cube. The only obstacle is the fast pace. At 51%, there is a curve-flying section, which is easier if you follow the pulsing circles. Then, there is a semi-auto mini-ship part, which requires flying straight into a hole and then straight. A slow cube part breaks, followed by a double-speed cube with simple platforming. At 71%, there is a dual mini-ship section where players must dodge spike walls. A slow wave part requires precise movements, followed by a short, normal-speed cube part. The next UFO part is easier with indicators, and the triple-speed with a dual-cube is hard. The level ends with an easy robot-and-cube section.

Locations of all user coins

  • The first coin is in the 4% position. In cube shape, gamers control the object to jump from a block and touch a jumping ball to collect coins.
  • The second coin is at position 61%. In the cube segment again, right after the shape transformation, you need to move the jumping entity immediately.
  • The third coin appears at position 77% of the wave. In this position, the coin is easy to miss, so you need to pay close attention to spot it.